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Review : Gabriele  Carniglia
Translator: Matteo Picone

Some information about the company

The Company ”Vodoo Tactical”; manufacturer of tactical accessories and outdoor, was founded in Gardena (California) in 2006.
During the Years,the company managed to carve a ”slice” of the market in the USA between the military and security,especially the ”Law Enforcement”. But the company is also famous mostly in the civil market.
Nowdays,the Catalogue includes: Rifles and pistols Bags, backpacks, pouches, shooting mats, shoes, hats, glasses,vests and so on.
Recently the company expanded the catalog by proposing some accessories for weapons, knives and Outdoor in general. Essentially a real ”Heaven ” for any kind of Shooter or Hunter!

The Vodoo Tactical devoted the entire production for Tactical and Military purposes.All the ”Weapons Cases” and ”Back Pack” had accessories such like holsters, magazines pockets and MOLLE System (
Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment).
These products were available only in Camo colors, OD green, Black and FDE.
Over a year ago,Vodoo Tactical has expanded its catalogue with a new line of products called ”Discreet”, which is applied perfectly for the ”Urban Tactical” use and, as always, dedicated to those who don’t want to renounce to a design ”hard” and ”aggressive” but,at the same time, prefer to keep a ”Low Profile” while using this product, especially when guns are carried in a purely “civil” background.
Personally, as owner of a ”Soft Rifle Case” for four years and a couple of ”Utility Pouch”, I am very pleased to use and carry them when i go to the shooting range!

During the IWA of 2014 in Germany, I had the opportunity to touch with my hands the true quality of the entire production of Vodoo Tactical.
After my visit to the stand, I took home three of their superb products.

  1. Voodoo Tactical Deluxe Lockable 42″ Soft Rifle Case :
1) Deluxe Lockable 42" - with magazines pockets for handguns,rifles and holsters.
Deluxe Lockable 42″ – with magazines pockets for handguns,rifles and holsters.

I decided to buy this bag because i needed a ”soft case” able to contain a pump action shotgun, like the Remington 870 and a friend of mine told me to buy the ”Deluxe Lockable 42”. Moreover, my shotgun had a fixed stock so i was ”forced” to pick the 42 inches one anyway.
The one i bought is OD Green color and I’ve always used it to carry my rifles at the shooting range.
In most cases i carry three rifles in this bag (despite it is designed for only two rifles) and additionally, i take also two handguns,some magazines and

The Divider is padded and it divides the two parts with the lugs that block the rifles with the ''velcro strap''
The Divider is padded and it divides the two parts with the lugs that block the rifles with the ”velcro strap”

As a matter of fact this beautiful bag contains three frontal pockets divided into two compartments,six boxes for 30 rounds magazines ( for rifles and carbines),other eight boxes for handgun magazines,two holsters and another ”Spare” type pocket.
This is possible thanks to quality of the stitching,to the excellent YKK zip, snap hooks and clips that is to say,all the material that composes the retention system of the bag ( Cordura 1000D nylon, water proof and tear proof).The shoulder strap is very comfortable with an length adjustment system and with a generous padded part. Besides, the shoulder strap can be disconnected from the bag in two simple steps using the two strong hooks.
In short, an excellent product, which for almost five years follows me at the shooting range in every weather condition even the most disparate!

    1. Voodoo Tactical Discreet Level 3 Tactical :
''The Discreet 3 Days''- with large front pockets and two rear compartments
”The Discreet 3 Days”- with large front pockets and two rear compartments

This ”Back Pack” has the same accessories, materials and constructive care of the ”Soft Rifle Case” described upside these lines. Four Years have passed since I bought the rifle bag of Vodoo Tactical and the quality of their products grown a lot.In fact, with the product line called ”Discreet” this company managed to commercialize products appreciated by shooters or others users who don’t like being ”Tacti-Cool”.In reality,this difference is due to ”Urban” Colors and combinations between burnt bronze and black or between sniper gray and black which are, in my personal opinion,very

The adjustable shoulder strap with the lap belt and the padded backrest
The adjustable shoulder strap with the lap belt and the padded backrest

attractive.Obviously,also the lack of any MOLLE attachments and the usage of more ”discreet” patches are, in fact, the most important features of this new This new manufacturing line of Vodoo Tactical.
Also the internal parts of this bag are very nicely finished;
the lower front pocket is made for containing small items such as keys, pens and wallets.Some Internal Pockets allow an excellent storage of items that we usually carry in this bag.Thanks to the hinges we can easily pull out large and big objects too.
In my case an HK MP5, AR-15 with 9” Barrel (both with adjustable stock) but also ammunition, glasses, headsets, handguns etc…
During the IWA 2014 I had the opportunity to test the quality of this bag, especially the weight distribution due to the adjustable shoulder straps,also in the upper part where the weight is discharged in the deltoids and to the excellent padded back which helps a comfortable transport.

    1. Voodoo Tactical MOLLE Utility Pouch :
5) The 'Utility Pouch - with MOLLE Attachment
5) The ‘Utility Pouch – with MOLLE Attachment

As I said at the beginning of this short article,I decided to buy a new pair of these pockets (in addition to those which I already own) because I was looking for an high resistant product only for the transport and storage of ammunition and i usually carry a significant number of them.
The MOLLE Attachments are very well made,with stripes and buttons covered in plastic in the back.The company use excellent materials such as
”Cordura 1000D e zip YKK” for these amazing and useful accessories.

In Summary:

I can only recommend these products to anyone who spends the free time shooting at the range,but also to those who make excursions to the countryside and mountains. Thanks to the new product line called ”Discreet”,Voodoo Tactical shows ,once again,to be a serious company which produces good products at reasonable prices. The quality has increased in the last years and this is admirable especially in these years of economic crisis.

the rear MOLLE attachment
the rear MOLLE attachment

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