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Review: Massimo Mascherpa
Translator:  Matteo Picone

During the Shot Show of 2014 in Las Vegas,among the many electronic gadgets,more or less useful, that we could see and touch during the event;one in particular stroked us…
Maybe because, in the end, we have also a big passion for technology or just because these gadgets seemed to be very effective for professional purposes.

DPP_1044The fact remains that after an easy ”negotiation” with the agent of Powermonkey/Soldiersystem stand, we went home with one of these gadget.
Before writing this review, we’ve preferred to test the product both in cold and hot weather situations, also with dust and wetness.
In all the cases mentioned, the Power Monkey behaved superbly and responded to all the specific characteristics which have been declared by the manufacturer.


the equipment include a wide supply of adapters and USB cables
the equipment include a wide supply of adapters and USB cables

and what it is used for:
The system studied by PowerMonkey is colored with the classic ”Desert Tan” paint ( for The military version) but is also available on the Civil Market in Yellow, Red, Blue, Gray and Black colors; it can be carried in its protective bag in Cordura tissue with ”MOLLE” attaches (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) provided by Blue Force Gear.
The ”Power Monkey” System is used for charging phones,computers and camera batteries.
Inside the package,the set is composed by an accumulator of 9000 mAh (which provides a full charge of an iPhone for about 5 times) and the Feeding Device in which,two photovoltaic solar cells are inserted in two strong shells,which are hinged together so that they can close on themselves to reduce the overall dimensions and protect them from accidental shocks and scratches.
Inside the packaging,there is also an universal power adapter with all the adapters for recharging the batteries directly from a fixed network. A set of connectors / adapters for the major phone manufacturers with a socket of 12 Volts ( in order to use it in the car) are included with an USB cable to charge the battery from a PC or any other electronic

Detail of the photovoltaic module
Detail of the photovoltaic module

systems and a “Gorilla Pad Connector”. In the package,the handbook comes out in seven languages (including English and Italian). The accumulator,as the two photovoltaic solar modules,is “Rugged”,that is to say,covered with hard rubber (an additional guarantee of protection from accidental impacts) Moreover,all the connectors are provided with protective hatches and seals. The manufacturer declares that this product is ”Waterproof” for 30 minutes to 1 meter deep in the water…honestly,we didn’t test it so deeply but…for the rain, splashes,snow or any liquids spilled on it…it should be enough.
The Weight of the entire “package” is One Kilo more or less.


  1. The accumulator can charge two devices simultaneously from the two sockets (one of 5 Volts and the other of 12 Volts).The ”Gorilla Pad” can be connected to the 12 Volts socket and is used to feed the iPad 4. Probably,the voltage that this Ipad 4 (iPad 4) requires is particular so it wouldn’t be enough the power of 5V and 12V. With the

    ”Gorilla Pad” this problem is solved. The accumulator can be activated with the “touch pad” sliding the finger from left to right (from right to left it turns off).The system automatically shuts down (when is still in function) if is not used. The battery continues to work until the voltage reaches 3.3 Volts, if the energy is less than 3.3 V The system turns off automatically (and start again when it reaches 3.9 volts).The system adjusts automatically the energy to recharge itself.

  2. The solar photovoltaic module:

    SIZE: 170x88x18mm

    WEIGHT:200 grams

    POWER: 3 Watt

In Order to maintain the efficiency of the module we recommend to:

-Clean it with a soft cloth

-Put it under the Sunlight (at least for one minute) before put it in the accumulator.

-Direct the module correctly towards the sunlight

Obviously,a cloudy day will reduce the performance of the product.

the door for the cable connections
the door for the cable connections

The Device can be used for recharging The Phone (or other systems) using the accumulator,but,at the same time,we can load the solar module from the accumulator. Under optimal conditions the solar panel charges the accumulator in 18/Max 22 hours…Not Bad!!!

Our Opinion:The Battery lasts as long as the manufacturer declares. We used several times the product to charge our Iphone…in two hours maximum! Also the Solar Panel behaved really well. We tested the Power Monkey during the Summer 2014 and the product guaranteed the energy for three days in the woods and allowed us to stay connected to the telephone network,load the camera and …to surf a little bit on the internet!


For toughest jobs there are other products (Made by Power Monkey of course!) but much more powerful and more performing (and heavier than this one) which are used as Starter for Cars,Boats or Trucks.

for more info please visit the following links:



a detail of the LED
a detail of the LED
The bag in Cordura
The bag in Cordura

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