New Forged Reciver Line From ZMF

About a year and a half after its first participation at the IWA 2014, the company ZMF appears increasingly intentioned to make a name for itself on the market of components for weapons.
There has been considerable interest by both Italian and foreign producers, and the number of important companies in the sector that use ZMF products is starting to be quite large.
After the time needed to set up the installations, production is now running at full capacity and in automatic mode. The company offers a line of products in 6061 and 7075 alloys, in both the standard and custom version designed according to specific customer requests that require changes to the geometries of the components. Significant development has been achieved by other custom products: chassis for semi-automatic rifles and pump action rifles, bolt action and cross legs follower springs for bolt action etc., which represent another important component in the firearms sector of the Bergamo-based company.

detaglio dell'anodizzazione colore naturale
detail of black and natual anodizing surface

The second participation in the IWA 2016 edition marked both the commitment in the image and in the content of the Italian brand, leading ZMF to the decision to participate for a third time in the 2017 edition with many new products.
In recent months, ZMF has finally completed the procedure for filing the industrial patent of the impact extrusion forging of the lower receiver in 6061, a project in which the company has invested a great deal in terms of design and study. (YOU CAN WATCH THE VIDEO OF THE COMPLETELY AUTOMATE FORGING PROCESS).

Finitura dell'anodizzazione nera
black anodizing surface finish

ZMF’s offer is split into three lines, each one featuring characteristics designed to meet the needs of a precise market segment.

The DEFENCE LINE, dedicated to the professional and military sector, consists of components made of 7075 alloy and built with tolerances that comply with the requirements of Mil-Spec standards. The available finishes include the traditional opaque black hard anodising or, upon request, the Cerakote finish in various colours. The decision to mainly offer the 7075 is justified by the fact that this alloy, used since the very first years of production of the AR system, is still requested to this day in many specifications. In March 2016, ZMF also obtained the license in Art. 28 for better communication with this specific market.

alcune delle finiture disponibili, cerakote, anodizzata e con texture camo
sample of surface inishment

The SPORT LINE includes receivers made of aluminium 6061, buffer tubes of the commercial type as well, and, upon request, receivers made according to specific requests. As regard the finishes, anodising still rules the roost, in any event without excluding the traditional black anodising. Within the SPORT line, a specific product was developed for the SOFT AIR, which offers dedicated receivers made of 6061, with simple black anodised finish or with the SOFT TOUCH treatment. This special finish, already used by other large companies on certain components of their products is basically a sort of varnishing that, when touched, makes the surface of the piece feel as if it was covered by a very thin layer of rubber. “SOFT AIR – SOFT TOUCH” is the claim of this specific range of products of the SPORT segment.

finitura superficiale sabbiata con anodizzazione colore naturale
natural tone hard coat anodizing surface

The SECURITY LINE, intended for a sector with professional needs but that does not have to comply with strict acceptance parameters required by specifications. In fact, this line combines the characteristics of the Defence Line and of the Sport Line, for the utmost flexibility of choice. The components are available in both 7075 and 6061 alloy, and there is always the possibility to request custom components changing the original project design (addition of specific logos, more striking geometries, etc.). As regards the finishes, in addition to the traditional hard black anodising, a natural finish is also available that provides the surfaces with a warm metal colour, called Titanium, the Camouflage finish, obtained by means of the Water Transfer process, and the PTFE Teflon Anodising. The latter is a special anodising treatment that entails the addition of PTFE during the process so as to incorporate the lubricant in the surface layer. The result is a surface with increased smoothness and less adhesion of oily slime and dirt, for easier cleaning and improved reliability of the weapon. This type of anodising treatment comes from the Marine Equipment sector (in which ZMF has been working for over 10 years now) and guarantees excellent resistance to corrosion. It is also completely waterproof.

upper receiver 80% con finitura camo, anodizzata nera e con anodizzazioen natulare titanium
upper receiver 80%

ZMF is already preparing some new products to introduce at the IWA 2017. Some previews concern the receivers for the 308 Winchester, raw buffers with IMPACT EXTRUSION technology as well as important developments on the chassis of the 1911. Additional explanations will be provided below …
This Italian company has once again underscored its interest in serving not only the market of large producers, but also the segment of small assemblers, manufacturers and gun-shops, giving these professional organisations the opportunity to purchase products with no minimum order quantities in terms of both unprocessed components and 80% semi-finished products and as 100% finished products.
Of course, for the first 2 cases we are talking of non-registered components that can be sold freely, while in the case of the 100% finished products we are dealing with important registered parts subject to all the applicable regulations.
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